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Space Assessment

What Does An Assessment Entail?

Whether you are staying in your existing space or planning to move to a new swanky office, you need to know what size suits best.

Space planners conduct a detailed space assessment based on the number of staff and their respective roles. We often ask for an organogram of the organization in order to get a holistic idea of who fits in where.

Some staff are able to work in an open plan environment, while other staff require focus areas where they can work without distraction. Certain departments e.g. HR and Finance require confidential areas where documents can be stored in a safe and secure environment. Employees and departments that interact regularly need to be situated within close proximity in order to ensure that the space is used productively and the amount of foot traffic is reduced.

Engaging with a space planner before choosing your office space can assist you with selecting the most effective and efficient office space. The shape and usability of each office space is different and developing a space plan for each one will provide you with an indication of usability, layout, flow and budget requirements. This will assist in making the decision to either stay in your existing space and refurbishing it, or alternatively moving into a brand new address.

Things To Consider

  • Future growth of the company
  • Usable vs rentable area – PS usable is what you use and rentable is what you use plus a pro rata portion of the common areas of the building
  • How many staff do you have?
  • What types of space do these staff need to occupy to function productively?

Top Tip

A rule of thumb for a business to estimate their own space requirement:

  • Number of staff times 15 – 20msq e.g 10 staff = 150 to 200msq approximately
  • Call centers usually work on between 6 and 10 msq per staff member

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