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Office Renovation

What Is Office Renovation?

We have assessed the space, secured our office, planned the ideal space for our staff to operate optimally and now it is time to actually do what we have been talking about. The delivery of a renovated office space that looks and feels like the pictures that were promised upfront.

This is where the rubber hits the road. It can also be the most challenging part of any project as there will inevitably be various challenges that occur throughout the project. Ensure that you have a competent project manager who has weekly site meetings with all contractors and provides a weekly report (with photos) of the progress of the project and any potential problems.

Things To Look Out For During Office Renovation:

  • Timelines – attend the weekly project meetings to ensure that things are kept on track
  • Budget – variations in the project can add a big whack on to the final bill
  • Health and Safety – safety of the project staff is paramount
  • Insurance – check that the Space Planners are insured for any and all eventualities
  • Fly by night space planners – saving money by cutting corners can create more challenges down the road. If you want to reduce grey hairs, steer clear

Top Tip For Office Renovation

  • Look out for variations in your project. Stick to what you planned and the costs will be contained!

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