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What Is Zeebra

Zeebra is the first and only space planning portal in South Africa. Zeebra compares space planning and office interior design quotes across all the major space planners and interior designers in the country. We then match the best space planners to you and Voila!

Need to plan the perfect space for your staff, within budget and on a tight deadline? Contact Zeebra to compare quotes and save!

So how do we go about it? We get South Africa’s top space planners to meet you at your door to get a feel of who you are and what you need. This is when the magic happens. You design your dream offices, with the guidance of our experts who will give you mind blowing suggestions that will take your workplace into the stratosphere.

Our gurus will also guide you to make the best use of your space, so that not a cent is wasted in your pursuit of ultimate perfection.

If you are on a tight budget, these supreme space planners will customise options to suit your pocket. They will give you the best that your money can buy.

Get our team of Zeebra superheroes to make your space spectacular, while making use of every square inch to save you moola.

Why Choose Zeebra


Free Quotes

get quotes for Mahala. With no obligation attached



compare prices and options and the the one that’s right for you



there’s nothing like saving time and money

What is Zeebra’s Space Planning process?

Zeebra uses all the major space planners in South Africa to compare quotes and save you money. We follow a simple process to achieve this goal:

What Do You Need

we ask you the basic questions to figure out what you need at what price

Space Assessment

we assess how much space your company requires

Space Planning

we plan your perfect space with you

Office Interior Design

we give great ideas to make your space look and feel amazing.


sourcing the best products at the best prices

Office Renovation

taking the ideas and putting it into real life

Top 10 Space Planning Answers You Need to Know

  1. Have you secured new office space? Has the lease been signed and deposit paid?
  2. What tenant installation allowance has your Landlord agreed to pay you to assist with the fit out of your office space?
  3. What is your occupation date and do you have a beneficial occupation period? i.e. what are your timelines?
  4. What is your budget? Does this include space planning, design, furniture, IT, electrical?
  5. Where are your new offices situated?
  6. How many quotes do you require?
  7. Who makes the decision to push the button? How long does it take?
  8. Do you have other branches throughout the country?
  9. Have you been through the space planning process before?
  10. Are you aware of the Health and Safety requirements (and other risk factors) associated with a project implementation?

Need to plan the perfect space for your staff, within budget? Contact Zeebra to compare quotes!