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About Zeebra

Zeebra is the first and only space planning portal in South Africa. Zeebra compares space planning and office interior design quotes across all the major space planners and interior designers in the country. We then match the best space planners to you and Voila!

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Space Assessment

Whether you are staying in your existing space or planning to move to a new swanky office, you need to know what size suits best. Space planners conduct a detailed space assessment based on the number of staff and their respective roles.

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Space Planning

Space planning is fundamental building block for the interior design of an office space. The space planner conducts an assessment of the best use of your office space and provides you with a number of suitable alternatives to choose from.

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Why Choose Zeebra?


Free Quotes

Get quotes for Mahala. With no obligation attached.



Compare prices and options and choose the one that’s right for you.



There’s nothing like saving time and money!

What is Zeebra’s Space Planning Process?

Zeebra uses all the major space planners in South Africa to compare quotes and save you money. We follow a simple process to achieve this goal:

What Do You Need

we ask you the basic questions to figure out what you need at what price

Space Assessment

we assess how much space your company requires

Space Planning

we plan your perfect space with you

Office Interior Design

we give great ideas to make your space look and feel amazing.


sourcing the best products at the best prices

Office Renovation

taking the ideas and putting it into real life

Need to plan the perfect space for your staff, within budget? Contact Zeebra to compare quotes and save!

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